Book Review: Monster in the Closet by Karen Rose.


I take the time to write a book review:

Name:  Monster in the Closet.
Author: Karen Rose.
Genre:  Romantic Suspense.
Rating:  4/5

This book speaks of a child who was frightened by a murderer in a closet.  It also speaks of a girl who was lied to and subsequently greatly feared her own father, her personal monster in the closet.  The girl befriends the child with therapy with the aid of horses and the child breaks her silence finally.  This is a gripping tale of murder and suspense and a love story at the same time.

The story also has messages about family and loving.

Karen Rose has a way of gripping you right from the beginning and keeping you interested until the very end.  Her stories all have a short timeline.  And it’s hard to put the book down!

An excellent read!


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You sit, toiling away in the fleeting hours of the night, sweat beading down your disgusting forehead as you try your hardest to make sure this post is the one, the very best that no one ever was. Lately your readers have been less than loyal and more than likely, coming to my page.…

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My writing journey…

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I have a quick update on my writing journey.  I am editing now.  Cheers!

I have found Grammarly.  An editing tool on the computer.  I opted for the free version but you can upgrade to a better service if you want.  However, I am going to read my book Martha and cut out parts that I don’t want and edit parts that I want to keep but change.  I’ll do this before I use Grammarly.  I have been putting off editing.  I use my morning time to write.  I am on my third book Mia now.

I have decided to break Martha up into three books.  I may go the ebook option for my first books.  Usually, an ebook is 90,000 words so I have to break Martha back up into three parts.  Which I can do easily because that’s the way I wrote it in the first place.  I feel much better doing it in three parts as well.  So I’m happy.

I am also going to publish a free ebook of my poems for Martha.  They are poems of love and courage.

That’s where I am at in my writing journey.  If it helps leave a comment and tell me what you’re up to.  How many words you’re writing a day.  If it’s a suspense or a romance.  It took me a long time to get my genre down.  Perhaps this post will help you along your way as a writer!  Cheers!

Happy Easter!

Easter 2018

Meredith Gibraltar celebrates Easter with a poem.  A poem about Jesus Christ her savior!  Hallelujah!  Christ is risen!

Jesus Christ my savior!
What does that mean?
That I can sleep soundly.
At peace with my sin!
I ask for forgiveness often.
I am granted forgiveness.
As long as I ask for it.
I live my life trying not to sin.
I live a life of love and forgiveness towards others.
I live a life of compassion and understanding.
Loving others as Jesus would love.
Forgiving others as Jesus would forgive.
I live a life of thankfulness.
Thanking God for all that he has given me.
Thanking God for his love.
The ultimate sacrifice for me.
That of Jesus on the cross.
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you God!
Thank you!

My writing journey…

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I have finished my second book Abigail!  What a feeling of relief!  I finished the suspense and then had to finish the story line for the two main characters.  That took more time than I had expected!  But I’m happy with the book.  Now I’ll let it sit for at least a month.

I now have to edit my first book Martha.  I have put it away for about three months now.  I’m ready to get back to it with a fresh mind.  A fresh view.

My third book Mia is next!  It’s a young adult paranormal romantic suspense.  It’s about a heroine, Mia, who finds an amulet and is followed by werewolves who want to steal it from her.  She is protected by Josh, a good werewolf.


I write a poem about writing.

Soothes the mind.
Soothes the soul.
My tattered soul.
It is release.
A release of the anguish.
Of the terror.
Writing is a release.

Happy World Poetry Day!

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World Poetry Day is March 21 and was established by UNESCO.  Which is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.  Cheers!

Poetry unites all of humanity.  It bridges cultural gaps and unifies all of us.  Therefore the UN has chosen today as World Poetry Day.

Being a poet, this is an important day for me.  I smile.  Yes, I am a poet.  I write often of my anxiety and depression, always with a positive note since I am a positive person.  Today I write about the words that express my feelings and about my anxiety …


Words, so beautiful and powerful.
Words that express the depths of my soul.
That expose the long gash of my pain.
Of my struggle.
Of my blackness of soul.
What gives me anxiety?
A childhood trauma that I have forgotten.
But my body remembers.
Remembers all to well the violation of my soul.
So words are my weapon.
I expose the enemy.
That dark black of my soul.
That tainted mass.
But alas!  It wasn’t my fault.
It was his.  The evil in my life.
My babysitter.  The evil blight.
I stand strong.
I stand.  I will prevail.
I will not become my illness.
I will become who I have decided to be.
I have decided to be strong.  A woman alone.
Surrounded by love.
I stand, a woman.  Strong!

Friend…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about a friend.  This person helped her with something she was passionate about and yet they are both so fragile.  Cheers!

I valued your opinion.
So I listened.
Yet I worry for you.
You have shared that sometimes it’s all too much.
Now I worry for you that even I can be too much.
There is always another answer.
Always somewhere else you can live.
Someone else who can be your friend.
I value your opinion.
I value you as a friend.
Be safe.  Be smart.
Don’t give in.
Always keep fighting!