I love…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about love.  Her blossoming love.  Cheers!

I love.  I dare.

What will it bring me.

Pain and despair?

Love and warmth?

Safety and protection?

Somehow I think that if I love then I am protected.

This is wrong.

If I love, I have warmth and compassion.

The man who loves would protect me.

But to what extent?

For if he loves he would protect.

But I have no reason to fear.  It’s all in my mind.

So now I can love for loving.

And not for protection.

I am free.  Free to love.

Do I dare?


CreateSpace vs KDP Amazon…Reblog

Today I’m going to talk about my experiences publishing paperback books through KDP Select’s new paperback platform, versus my experience with Createspace. First of all, let’s talk about the platforms. For a long time, Createspace was the only game in town when it came to independent on-demand publishing. This made it possible for self-published authors […]

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Courage…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar shares a poem called Courage…it is for her first book Martha.  It hints to some of the dilemmas she faces on a daily basis.  Cheers!

I fear.  I stand.

I stand before my fear, scared.

It takes all my courage to face my fears.

I face my fears with hope and courage.

Everyday is a battle for me.

A battle that requires hope and courage.

I hold my imaginary dagger.

Ready to fight any evil that comes my way.

I now have the tools to fight you.

I think of my dagger and feel the cold steel beneath my fingers.

With my courage I face my fear.

My courage is also my weapon.

With my courage I face my fear.

I stand and do what I know I must.

I feared so much as a child.

Now I heal and work out that fear.

That fear for my life.

That fear of what took place so long ago.

It is hidden deep within me.

Hidden and has lain dormant for so long.

Slowly I heal.  I face that fear.

I have courage and hope.

Courage and hope for the future.

I will heal.

Throwback Thursday: 5 Mistakes Authors Make on Social Media

This is a very interesting and entertaining post.

A Writer's Path


Throwback Thursday is a series where we take a look back at some of AWP’s most popular posts. Enjoy!

by Michael Cristiano

I thought writing a novel was the hard part. I thought endless drafting and editing and proofreading involved the most work when it came to being a writer.

I was wrong. My debut novel has been on sale for a little less than a month, and I came to the conclusion very early on in its release that writing it was the easy (and far more enjoyable) part. Why? you ask.

Marketing. Marketing is a hard and seemingly endless process. Why is it so hard?

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True Love…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about true love.  It is a time of reflection, of renewed interest and of hope.  Cheers!

True love, I wait for you.

I have waited for a long time.

Asleep but eager.

I wait still.  Awake but eager.

I know that you are out there.

Forgive me, I was asleep.

My eyes saw only a dream.

Reality is what I seek now.

I seek for the true you.

You are strong and compassionate.

You stand for what is right.

You are not perfect but then neither am I.

I wait and am strong.

I begin to look again.

Begin to be open.

Will I dare?  Only you will know.

I wait.

Saving Money on Editing: Tips on Self-Editing

Great post on editing…

Kobo Writing Life

Hiring the right editor for the appropriate edits can often be one of the most challenging as well as the most expensive steps in the publishing process for an author. So what are one of the many things an author can do to save money?

Janell E. Robisch, the owner of Speculations Editing Services, an editor with more than twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, has a new book in which she not only shares tips on how to find the best editor for you and your specific writing projects, but also how to save money.

One of the ways an author can save money is by self-editing before submitting their work to an editor.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter Two of her book Saving Money on Editing & Choosing the Best Editor, which offers helpful advice on that topic.

Self-editing can also save…

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