Webinar on writing by Jeff Goins.


I just listened to a webinar about writing by Jeff Goins.  I just happened on his name on facebook and listened to the webinar.  Part of the webinar was a download of a free book titled The beginners guide to building an audience written by Jeff Goins.

The webinar itself was very informative.  He laid out a plan on how to succeed as a writer.  He said that there were four key things to do.

  1. Have a clear message.
  2. Have a platform.
  3. Establish a tribe.
  4. Have a product to give away.

He said that a person has to know themselves and establish a clear message about themselves to write with.  He recommended that I contact five people and ask them to describe me and to tell me what’s important to them in life and recommend how I can help them with that concern.  I am using survey monkey to create a survey and have emailed six people.

Next is to establish a platform.  You are either a journalist, a prophet, an artist, a professor or a star as a writer.  He recommended that I choose one.  A journalist asks a lot of questions and writes to answer these questions.  A prophet is dissatisfied with the world and strives to fix it.  An artist writes with poetry and prose.  A professor reads and communicates complex things simply.  A star has charisma and attracts people to himself/herself by their charisma.  He/She also has empathy for people.  Of all five I fall best into the star category but I don’t think that I shine that much.  I do however have a lot of empathy for people.  So I will write as a star.

The third thing is to build a tribe – a group of people committed to your cause.  This begins with the five people you sent an email to.  He said to ask them to describe you, to state what they are concerned with in life, to ask how I could help them with that concern, to ask what form they would like the help in (ie email, newsletter, ebook) and to ask how much they would pay for it.  Then the idea is to offer to them what they would pay for for the price they stated they would pay for it!  Awesome!  I really don’t know how that will work out!  Only time will tell.

The fourth thing is to have a product (ie email, newsletter, ebook) that they are willing to pay for.  And then to give it to them.

Then you ask them to forward the idea to their friends so that they also buy the email, newsletter, ebook too.  During this time, you collect emails and build your email list.

His book “Beginners guide to building an audience” spoke mainly about communicating your passion and providing a service to people.  If you write about things that people care about then you will have more listeners.  He recommended that I write about things that concern me and show how I have resolved things.  This would attract more readers.  He said that it was the passion for writing that would resonate with people.  I feel passionate about the two books that I am writing and believe that I have a story to tell.  I hope that people will be interested in it.  I write to be able to write and communicate the story that I have in me.  I will try to share that passion with readers from now on.

It was an interesting webinar.  Hopefully I will be a better writer for it.




Meredith Gibraltar is quite pleased with her art business today.  I invested in a new theme and it’s working out quite well.  Unfortunately I have lost the “like” option in my website because I migrated from wordpress.com to wordpress.org.  But the upside is that I now have a paypal button and cart on my website.  Writing is a second hobby for me.

I want to build an audience and post what I know about writing and self-publishing.  I also suffer from anxiety so I will post about that from time to time.  The writing is therapeutic.  It helps to get out my anxieties and demons in written form all wrapped up with a bow called fiction!  I can express my fears and it’s accepted because it’s fiction!

I don’t know how I will build followers for the writing part of my life.  All that will come with time.  I am quite popular on Twitter so that’s good.  I post to my Facebook page and my Twitter page automatically from this wordpress site.  It will take time but eventually I hope to have a lot of followers.  Wordpress is the place to be if you are a writer I think.  Does anyone know of other sites I should be looking into?  Please comment below.

Thank you for your interest and until the next post!  Cheers!

Second excerpt from Stephen…

Here is the second excerpt from Stephen…

She had to walk in the hospital at the main entrance at the first floor.  There were many people around.  Martha nervously looked around.  Yes!  There were two people wearing sunglasses.

“Steve!” exclaimed Martha.  “There are two people wearing sunglasses.  Are they following me?”

“Stay calm and keep walking!” ordered Steve.  “They might not be interested in you.  I’ll watch them, don’t worry!”

Martha kept walking but noticed what the two were wearing.  One was dressed mainly in black, a man, and the woman had a colorful purple ski jacket on.

She finally arrived at the mental health ward and told Dr. Jones’ secretary that she was there.  In the waiting room she saw two people wearing sunglasses.  They both looked at her as she entered the room.  Martha was nervous.  One of the people kept scratching his right calf.  She didn’t know why.

“Ignore him,” ordered Steve.  “Pretend not to notice.  He definitely is trying to get your attention!”

Martha was nervous.  Luckily she didn’t have long to wait.   Dr. Jones called her in to his office.

“How are you today Martha?” asked Dr. Jones.

“I am alright,” replied Martha.  How much should she tell him Martha wondered?

“Have you been sleeping well?” asked Dr. Jones.

Martha blushed and remembered her vivid dreams with Steve.  “Yes,” Martha replied “I have.”

“Have you been eating well?” asked Dr. Jones.

“Yes,” replied Adele.  “Maybe too much.”

“What had your mood been like in general?” asked Dr. Jones.

“I have been more tired than normal,” replied Martha.

“Steve, do I tell him about being followed?” asked Martha.

“No!” replied Steve.

“I have had some trouble falling asleep,” replied Martha to the doctor.

“I can prescribe some Ativan,” replied Dr. Jones.  “That will help you fall asleep.  You can also drink some hot milk before going to bed or read.”

“I am nervous,” replied Martha.  “I don’t know why.”

“Keep calm and remember to take your medication,” replied Dr. Jones.  “Are you still taking your medication?”

“Yes,” replied Martha.  “I am.  It seems to be working well.”

“Good,” replied Dr. Jones.  “I will see you in a month’s time.”

“Thank you doctor,” replied Martha.

Martha got up and left the doctor’s office.  She made an appointment for one month from then and left the office.  On the way out there were children in the corridor, crying.  Martha was concerned but was too nervous to stop and help.  The man with the sunglasses was there again on the way out.  He had been following her.

“Steve!” exclaimed Martha.  “There’s that man again!”

“That’s OK Martha,” replied Steve.  “He didn’t see where you went!  He was just waiting at the door.  Keep walking.”

Martha was nervous.  She clutched her purse to her and started to walk as quickly as she could to the main doors.

“Relax,” ordered Steve.  “Don’t look like you are rushing.  Walk calmly but quickly…not too quickly.  Get to your car quickly.  OK?”

“Yes Steve,” replied Martha.  “Thank you for being here!”

“I will follow this man and see if he’s involved!” replied Steve.  “Go straight home!”

Martha carefully drove home.  She was scared that she would get in an accident.  She was that nervous.


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Too busy to write…

Meredith Gibraltar is too busy to write.  That’s ok I had writers block.  This distraction is good and the next steps in both of my books are gelling in my head.  But I am distracted.  Sorry about this.  I plan to blog about publishing and writing as I go along.  My writing journey…as I learn so will you!

So far I have learned that publishing on Amazon is a good thing because they already have a lot of followers that read books.  It is good to publish both an ebook and a hard copy book.  Paperback seems to be the best.  No more than 80,000 words which is about 300 pages.  I will have to see what my first book will be!

Take care…

Reblog…free images for writing

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Introduce Yourself – Promotional Opportunity for New Authors

If you are a new author, check this out!

Pearls Before Swine

Many of you know me from my writing and this blog but before I dedicated my time to writing full-time, I worked with children and to an extent, I still do.

I taught creative writing as part of a private Louisiana In-Home School program for about four years and then I helped to run a research and fellowship center in Shreveport for about five more years. My primary job was working with children, tutoring and teaching them.

What does this have to do with my promotional opportunity for New Authors?

One of the songs we’ve come up with to help children to break the ice sorta speak in the children’s bible study class (to which I am still involved) is an Introduce yourself song. It starts:

“Introduce yourself, hey hey! Introduce yourself…hey!

My name is___________.”

At the end of last year, I told you all that I was looking to…

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An excerpt from Stephen…

Martha did not know who it was.  She felt like she was still in her dream.  She could sense that she was aroused and excited.  She hadn’t had sex in a long time.  Her husband had been that sick.

“Let me make love to you!” exclaimed the voice again.

Martha woke with a start.

“What?” she mumbled in her sleep.  “Who is that?  Who’s talking?”

“It’s me Stephen,” replied the voice.

“Stephen?” asked Martha.  “I don’t know a Stephen.  Who are you and where are you.  Are you in my house!?”

“Don’t be frightened!” replied Stephen.  “I am psychic and just talking to you.  I am here beside you but not physically, psychically!”

“What do you mean?!” replied Martha.  “I can’t see you!”

“No,” replied Stephen.  “But you can hear me!  I have been murmuring to you for the past week in your sleep.  Those vivid dreams have been about me.  You have me so aroused!  Let me make love to you!”

“No!” replied Martha.  “Get out of my bed!  I don’t know you.  Go away!”

“Be calm!” replied Stephen.  “I have also been following you and you are in danger!  Have you noticed?”

“I thought that someone was following me just today,” replied Martha.

“Yes,” replied Stephen.  “People are after you.  You are in grave danger!”

“What should I do?” Martha asked.

“Don’t worry,” replied Stephen.  “I know people who can help to protect you.  I am here to help you!”

“How do you know they are after me?” asked Martha.

“I’ve been following you,” replied Stephen.  “Now listen to me.  You have to make sure your doors are locked at all times and be careful when you go out!  Understood?”

“Yes the doors are locked,” replied Martha.  “But what about going out then?”

“Well,” said Stephen, “if you notice someone following you, you have to leave right away.  Don’t look nervous but get out of the store as soon as is reasonably possible.  Pay for what you have, don’t pick up anything new and get out of the store! OK?”

“OK!” replied Martha.  She was really nervous now.


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