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Yesterday I did something I’ve only dreamed of. I put up a print version of a book, hit publish, and ordered copies to be delivered to my door two days later. Two days from pressing publish to getting a book in my hand. That’s amazing….if it works. I’ve been using CreateSpace for putting out print […]

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My writing journey…

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I take the time to write about my book and my poems.  Cheers!

I am writing a new paranormal romantic suspense book for teens.  It’s a challenge and a bit different than my usual romantic suspense for adult women.  The main character in the book, Mia, does not write poetry, however.  I have dedicated this site and my Instagram account to my poetry.  So now I have to shift and write personal poems.  Poems about what is bothering me or what is having a good impact in my life.  So that is the joy now.  It won’t be based on a book.

I write to ease the anxiety of something that happened to me when I was a child.  Childhood memories have come back to haunt me and create anxiety.  But writing helps.  It’s not as pertinent as going to a psychologist for example.  But you can write and maybe no one will ever read it.  So there is less stress involved.  Less anxiety.

I have been painting less.  The hour in the morning when I used to paint is now used to write.  I feel much better as a writer however, I love my art.  So it is with sadness that I realise this.  So I am taking steps to decrease the chores that I have in the day.  I am concentrating less on my art business and my writing website.  I have decided to let the weekly task of writing down analytics about my websites go.  I am also going to get rid of all non-essential emails.  I’ll do this slowly but I am unsubscribing from a lot of them.  This will free up time for my art.  I know analytics is important but I’m no longer going to be concerned with likes etc.  I am going to paint and to write for the love of painting and writing.  I am not going to be concerned with how many hits I get on my website.  However, I will be looking forward to your comments.  They help me know whether you are enjoying my posts but also may help fellow writers in their writing journey.  I will continue to post but may only be posting twice a week.  Tuesdays and on the weekend.

I have been trying to edit my first book, Martha.  It is hard work!  It is so easy to write but to sit down and edit is a chore!  I read the first draft of the first section of the book and found that it lacked depth.  I have to add more to it.  I wrote it fast and it was like an intro to the second part but now I realise that I have to add to it.  Especially if I want to publish the first section as a book on its own.  This is hard to do.  Definitely a chore.

Cheers!  You can look forward to a new poem on the weekend!

photo credit:  Glen Carstens on Unsplash.

Authorism: good or bad?

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Authorism has been said to be when an author puts things that happen in their life into their book.  Is this you?  Is it good or bad?

The article that I read suggested that authorism is bad in that it takes away from the plot.  They stated that when an author includes things that happen in their life in a book, it takes away from the plot.  However in my books it adds to the plot.  It is an aside but makes up the day of the heroine.  For example if she goes shopping or what she eats for lunch.  So it is a part of the overall plot and adds some spice.  So I don’t think that it’s a negative thing.  However if what you write takes away from the plot, then that is not good.

However I looked up authorism and it is the state or condition of being author.  Not when an author puts things that happen in their life into their book.  So it was misquoted in the article.  Go figure!

I have found writing very therapeutic in that some of my dilemmas are reflected in the main characters of my books.  It is an integral part of the book since I am trying to raise awareness about mental illness.  But also at the same time it is therapy for me.  In fact I have started journaling now since my new book has a heroine who has a depression and not anxiety.  So I write about my anxiety during the day in my journal.  However I don’t write it every day.  I find writing the book is taking up much of my life now.  I am writing more and painting less.

Cheers!  Never give up!  Always keep fighting…:)

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We write to be heard. Writers who claim differently are only fooling themselves. While we bleed on a paper or on the canvas, all we really ask for is some attention, some affection. Ask yourself this, the last time you read a five page article or a full blown 500-page novel, did the title entice […]

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