My writing journey…

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I have a quick update on my writing journey.  I am editing now.  Cheers!

I have found Grammarly.  An editing tool on the computer.  I opted for the free version but you can upgrade to a better service if you want.  However, I am going to read my book Martha and cut out parts that I don’t want and edit parts that I want to keep but change.  I’ll do this before I use Grammarly.  I have been putting off editing.  I use my morning time to write.  I am on my third book Mia now.

I have decided to break Martha up into three books.  I may go the ebook option for my first books.  Usually, an ebook is 90,000 words so I have to break Martha back up into three parts.  Which I can do easily because that’s the way I wrote it in the first place.  I feel much better doing it in three parts as well.  So I’m happy.

I am also going to publish a free ebook of my poems for Martha.  They are poems of love and courage.

That’s where I am at in my writing journey.  If it helps leave a comment and tell me what you’re up to.  How many words you’re writing a day.  If it’s a suspense or a romance.  It took me a long time to get my genre down.  Perhaps this post will help you along your way as a writer!  Cheers!


My writing journey…

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I have finished my second book Abigail!  What a feeling of relief!  I finished the suspense and then had to finish the story line for the two main characters.  That took more time than I had expected!  But I’m happy with the book.  Now I’ll let it sit for at least a month.

I now have to edit my first book Martha.  I have put it away for about three months now.  I’m ready to get back to it with a fresh mind.  A fresh view.

My third book Mia is next!  It’s a young adult paranormal romantic suspense.  It’s about a heroine, Mia, who finds an amulet and is followed by werewolves who want to steal it from her.  She is protected by Josh, a good werewolf.


I write a poem about writing.

Soothes the mind.
Soothes the soul.
My tattered soul.
It is release.
A release of the anguish.
Of the terror.
Writing is a release.

My writing journey…

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Meredith Gibraltar shares about her writing journey.  A new book is in the mix!  Cheers!

I just thought that I’d share a little about my new book idea.  It will be a young adult/teen book about a woman who is in college and is saved by a werewolf.  It’s my first paranormal romance!  Go figure!  It will be set in Vancouver.  A mysterious amulet is the key!  The name of this book will maybe be Mia.  Or maybe a catch phrase.  I haven’t decided yet.

I’ve told you before that I write about my life in my books.  So in my second book Abigail, the heroine is writing a new book called Mia about a werewolf.  The idea just popped in my head and so I thought why not!  That will be my next book.  But I hesitate to start it.  I’ll finish Abigail first.

I haven’t started editing Martha yet.  I read somewhere that one should wait three months before editing.  I can understand that since it will give you a fresh look at the book.  It’s hard though.  On top of that I don’t know how much writing I’ll get done!

I was anxious the other day.  Someone wanted a book review of Martha and it hasn’t even been published yet.  This put my whole day out of whack!  I was anxious all day.  My daughter suggested that I just write a summary.  I wrote a quick summary.  But I could add to it.  I may do that.  I’m not sure.  I have to think of what we would write on the back cover of the book when I publish it.  That’s where I’m at with Martha now.

I’m looking to the future.  I entered the first 5000 words of Martha into a contest.  I don’t know if I have any chances of winning.  I’ll know by the end of March whether I won or not.  But I am moving forward and trying out new things.  The biggest worry is finding an editor.  I have one beta reader.  Hopefully she can give me the email addresses of some friends who would also like to be beta readers.  The more the merrier.  Then I seriously have to find an editor.

Never stop fighting…talk about what makes you anxious…just bring it up with a friend or loved one…you don’t have to say it’s your anxiety…they might have an idea about it that you never would have thought about!  Open up…talk to someone…


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We stand together…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes the last poem for her first book Martha.  Cheers!

We stand together.
I still have the demons of my past.
But with you I am stronger.
I don’t lose sight of my goal.
To stand alone against my demons!
You give me strength.
But the battle is still mine.
My inner demons want to shine.
But I stand strong.
My battle is never ending.
But I stand strong.
Your touch gives me added strength.
A peace amidst the storm.
Your touch gives me added strength.
I am alone no more.

I am honored by a miracle!

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about being a grandmother.  Cheers!

I am honored by your presence.
A child of my child!
You fill me with joy and hope.
My heart soars with love.
I cherish your soul and your spirit.
You are a miracle!
The miracle of birth!
I know the science of it.
But you are also a soul and a spirit.
Something to be cherished.
Something to be protected.
I am in awe of your perfection.
Such a tiny thing.
A life made new!
A clean slate upon which only you can write!
Welcome Erik!
I am honored by your presence.

Thank you for 2017!

Social Media Thnx 2017

Meredith Gibraltar wishes to thank everyone for their kind words and their likes.  It gives me courage to keep on writing poems and my book Martha.  Both are therapeutic!

I can’t begin to say how validating it is to post about my writing.  It encourages me to strive to be the best writing that I can be.  It also motivates me to write more.  The writing soothes my tattered soul.  A soul that greatly needs healing.  You help with that by liking and following my blog!  Thank you!

I also paint and draw.  I sell my art on my other website:  Meredith Gibraltar is a pseudonym.  I also write about my healing journey.  I share my daily challenges coping with my anxiety.

So I take this time to reflect on 2017 and thank you all for your kind words and likes.  It is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Courage…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem about courage for her book Martha.  Cheers!

I felt terror!
It pressed my head into my pillow!
I struggled to lay still.
I struggled to stay calm.
But it was all in my mind.
I read a book.
A romance.
It talked of voices.
And people believing in them.
I thought that’s what I do!
Could the voices not be real?
Are they all in my mind?
With courage I checked.
With courage I stopped listening.
With courage I dared!
It is all in my mind!
But still I fear.
Now it’s everyday things.
But the fear is less.
With courage slowly I heal!