I fear…a poem.

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Meredith Gibraltar writes a poem for her book Martha.  Sorry I didn’t post on the weekend!  I lent my computer to my daughter.  Terrible!  I survived.  Cheers!

I stand before my fear.

My feet firmly planted on the earth.

My heart strong.  My back strong.

I stand before my fear.

You will not take me today.

I know you for what you are.

It is all in my mind, my fear.

In my mind in the deepest fathoms.

But I free myself. 

With help I free myself!

I face my fear.  It is all in my mind.

I fear no more!


Author: Miriam's Art

I am a Canadian writer, artist and a biologist who suffers from delusions and inner voices. I have two blogs. In the first blog I discuss my mental illness and also post my art. In the second blog I use my writing pseudonym and post poems, talk of writing, give book reviews and talk of the books that I am writing. I also draw unique nature designs and dog portraits with pastels, watercolor and graphite. I sell my original drawings and paintings, and prints of my paintings. Please note that any rude or inappropriate comments to my blog will be deleted.

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